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    Putting Moms First
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    Pregnancy Options
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    Looking to Adopt?

Pregnancy Counseling Services & Adoption Agency

Christian Family Services provides nonjudgmental, confidential, free counseling services to women and men who are experiencing a pregnancy and looking for help. Our counselors will come to you and meet with you in an environment that makes you feel comfortable. Our goal is to provide you with an opportunity to speak with someone who understands what you are going through and provide support during a difficult and complicated time in your life. Our counselors are focused on helping you make the best decision for you. Call us anytime at 800-226-2367 to learn more about CFS or speak to a CFS counselor.

Gainesville, Ocala, Jacksonville, St. Pete, Tampa & Tallahassee. Northern and Central Florida.



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    Expecting and looking for help

    Expecting mothers

    This is one of the hardest times in your life. See how we can help you.

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    Information for prospective adoptive families

    Expecting mothers

    Learn if adoption is an option for building a forever family.

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    Our history, mission and staff

    Expecting mothers

    Learn more about Christian Family Services and why we care about you.

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